How do new moms decide on a name for their most highly anticipated arrival of the year? Some pick something meaningful such as the name of a loved one or a name that expresses a characteristic they would like their little one to possess, while others made choose a name that sounds "cool" or "unique". Some consult with a generated list of this year's top names, and while other create a name off the top of their heads--one that is different and sets them apart from anyone else's,or at least they figure... Either way you choose, your baby's name will  have a special meaning and play an important part in his/her growth and development into adulthood. At some point, he/she will want to know how  how their name aligns with their overall purpose. It will be their guide! I think of my name "Renata", which means rebirth, and how I've re-defined myself so many times and have justified it on the basis of my name alone. My mom told me that she picked my name out of a book of names lol! What a good choice she made! Because  ceing named Renata, has given me hope and trust that I will in fact meet my Savior in Heaven one day! Although she selected my name, I think God directed her to it! I love my name and its meaning! How did or will you decide on your child's names? How has your life been impacted by your name, if at all? Tell me below! I would love to hear your stories!

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